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P. Unnikrishnan

Manik Paul

Ashim Krishna Boruah

Pankaj Kesari

Miss Toshee Pandey

Paramjit Singh


Roopal Shah

Prem Hari Him Dev

Sanjeev Dixit

Rashid Jahangir

Tarandeep Kaur

Kiron Kher

Miya George

Khaby Lame

Tsewang Paljor

Neha Dhupia

Jitu Gajare

Ramchanphi Zingkhai

Sanat Basaiawmoit

Amit Paul

Prashant Tamang

Shekhar Kapur

Harmeet Bhatia

Yogachemmal V Anbhazagan

  1. Dr. Rabindra Kumar Jena
  2. Anita Patra
  1. Deepak Dadhichi
  2. Akansha Bhalla

 Jetshen Lama

Raveena Tandon

Sindhu Sreedhar

  1. Debojit Roy
  2. Susmita Roy

Shweta Singh

Joy Banerjee


I accept and follow all the Rules and Regulations, T&C of Genius Artist of India.


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Discover Your Talent

We will be running auditions from October which will help to all of you to find their talent. At the end of three months, selected contestants will be awarded.

Nurture Your Talent

Now you’ve discovered your talent, our fun workshops will help you to explore opportunities to nurture your talent.

Promoto Your Talent

We will show you how to shout about your talent in places that matter, so you can get a chance to use your talent at every opportunity.

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Hot news

March 20, 2023

Genius Artist of India Reality Talent Shows in India – Best Talent Shows Ever

Genius Artist of India is one of the biggest singing, dancing, comedy, magic shows, painting, and more fields reality shows. It enables the ordinary talented individuals who have a talent to sing try their luck and participate in the selection process.
February 1, 2023

Genius Artist of India Audition 2023 Registration, Season 1 Dates & Venue

This article will share the details about Genius Artist of India Audition 2023. Finally, this show is back with the latest 1 season. On The Castle of Art Theater, there is a special talent competition program called Genius Artist of India.
January 26, 2023

Introduction of Genius Artist of India

India has a rich history of art and culture, and there have been many genius artists who have contributed to this legacy. Here are a few examples: Rabindranath Tagore, Raja Ravi Varma, MF Husain, Amrita Sher Gil, Tyeb Mehta and more.