“Genius Artist of India” is all set to become India’s biggest talent platform and most popular talent hunt show in India. It’s a national level  talent show and talent search competition show in north India’s 1st popular reality show in India. This show is one of the most popular reality shows in India that allows uplifting your talent & bringing yourself.

“Genius Artist of India” offers a platform to exhibit your extraordinary talent in the field of Acting, Singing, Instrumental, Magic, Classical Dance, Western Dance, Folk Dance, Other Dance Forms, Modelling, Mimicry, Comedy, Poetry, Juggling, Stunt, Yoga, etc.

We offer to give a chance to new aspiring talents to perform and trained for Web Series, Modelling, Short films, Documentary, Music Album, Dance Video Album, Brand Shoot, Portfolio, etc.

If you want to be unique and mark modernity, innovation, growth, and prestige in your life, and if you have any talent today and want to get recognition for your talent and honour, then join us today, don’t miss this opportunity.



We wish that all rising artist can showcase their talent, creativity, ability, and skills in the whole universe through the Genius Artist of India Reality show.

Our motto is to provide a platform and honour to all such talented persons from every corner of the world. We are proud to give the platform and pay an honour to children & elders who do such a wonderful act to show the nation something different.


Our organization values creativity and innovation in all aspects of art and artists. We believe in offering programs and performances that are inclusive and engaging, and that reflect the diversity of our greater geographic region and our immediate local to have a meaningful impact on our community. Our organization aspires to transform young audiences into creative, curious, and compassionate adults who have a lifelong passion for the arts.

 In the whole universe, every individual has a treasure of some hidden talent. But we either can’t recognize or don’t get a chance to present or perform. Your unique and unusual talent sets you apart from the rest of the world. We give you a wonderful platform to present your hidden talent. We strive for the efficient performance of all your exploits, from every little surprise to great exploits. You can make your success at a good peak and you can get the status of standing among so many great people. This will be a great, exciting and extraordinary chance you can give to your journey of life.



Genius Artist Talent

genius artist mother

Genius Artist Mother


Genius Model Artist


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